25 Oct 2018
'Choc'- ablock day.

It will come as no surprise to our regular readers to learn that the morning started with a leisurely stroll through the gardens for breakfast before getting on the bus and heading out for the day. This time, Bruges was our destination. We arrived in good time and walked through the beautiful town to get from the coach park to the leaning Belfort. As we were running ahead of schedule there was time to explore the shops and marvel at the array of shapes that can be made out of chocolate. We then split into two groups, one heading off to the Choco-Story while the other had a bit more time to explore Bruges and find some lunch. Highlights included: the foundations of a church below the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the toilets in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the incredible architecture, the beautiful canals and the overwhelming number of shops selling nothing but chocolate.

Choco-Story went some way towards explaining the significance of chocolate to the Belgians and the history of the product itself. The ‘All You Can Eat’ samples proved no match for the Edgeborough pupils, and only the dark chocolate survived. We enjoyed a demonstration of the work of a chocolatier before heading back to the Belfort to regroup. With an hour left, a few hardy souls decided to climb the steps of the Belfort while the others had one final look around the town. At 4:30pm we were back on the coach and making our way to the final fixtures of the tour against S V Bruges.

The firsts played an excellent game of high-intensity football. They showed great resilience in the face of some tricky opposition and thoroughly deserved their 11-8 victory. Although the seconds were less successful, everyone watching was hugely impressed by the progress they have made in the space of a week. They gave their best performance of the tour, particularly during the final half when they only conceded one goal.

With spirits high, we were back on the coach for a delicious home cooked meal before some packing and bed.

We will begin wending our way home in the morning after an enormously successful week away. Have your washing machines ready; the contents of some suitcases are going to need some attention! Keep an eye on the Whatsapp group for updates regarding our journey as we make our way back home.


366 steps climbed to the top of the Belfort..

30 chocolate shops visited.

11 goals scored by the firsts.