24 Oct 2018
Castles, Waffles and Chocolate.

A day of rest! After a good night’s sleep in our luxurious new accommodation, we strolled through the gardens to enjoy breakfast before boarding the coach (again!) to explore the sights of Ghent. We walked through the town to visit Castle Gravensteen, touring in groups and enjoying the best audio tour ever. We all loved learning about why knights never ate yogurt past its use by date, or changed their internet providers. Most popular was the information about torture and execution, including the synchronised beheadings of 17 people and the man who got hit on the head and injured when a decapitated head fell off a pike and landed on him. All of which helped us work up a great appetite for lunch!

We then had some time to explore the town on foot and enjoy plenty of waffles and chocolate before making our way back to the hostel for free time before supper. Luckily, there is plenty of space and we made full use of the basketball court and football pitch as well as creating a very noisy version of the ever-popular ‘Squares’ game.

With home visible on the horizon, we are off to Bruges tomorrow to see how their waffles shape up and finish the boys’ football fixtures.


One castle successfully invaded.

180 chicken nuggets and 20 quarter pounders eaten.

12 litres of chocolate sauce poured over waffles.