23 Oct 2018
Brussels (Spr)Out Of Here!

No sooner had we got used to our hostel in Duinrell than we were loading the coach and heading off to Brussels, taking many happy memories and leaving some questionable aromas.

We parked up in the centre of Brussels and made our way on foot to the Grand Place where we admired the incredible architecture before getting some lunch. We then had to make what should have been a 45-minute trip to the British School of Brussels for our afternoon fixtures. Sadly, nobody had told us that the centre of Brussels had been turned into one giant car park and it proved almost impossible to break through the gridlock. Some assertive navigation from Miss Rafferty and skilful driving from Dave saw us arrive nearly two hours later. Although the matches had to be shortened, we successfully squeezed in the full range of fixtures: netball and hockey for the girls and rugby for the boys, buoyed on by some welcome support from home.

Back on the bus for another coach journey to our new accommodation at the hostel Dieloyale, where we enjoyed a welcome home cooked meal and checked in to our greatly improved new rooms.


- 174 minutes stuck in traffic

- 2 films watched

- 30 motivated children